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Play to Earn NFT Game

Our P2E NFT game is the most important part of our ecosystem which includes all of our most essential features - Purchase, Spend, Earn, and Burn. You can play our game and earn BNB/BUSD by exploring dungeons and selling your upgraded heroes & precious items as NFTs.
Gamers are no longer overlooked and crossed out as outcasts who waste their time instead of doing something productive.
The cryptocurrency industry has realized the potential of this growing segment and the impact that blockchain-based technology can have on it. This was largely possible through the boom of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as developers understood they could be able to create and transfer tangible value in gaming ecosystems, providing further incentives for people who spend their time gaming. This is how the play-to-earn model (specifically pertaining to crypto) came to be and it’s starting to catch speed.
With our game, we explore play-to-earn opportunities within the cryptocurrency industry, developing profitable concepts, and improving popular trends.
To further expand our ecosystem, create more of a utility token, and to become one of the pioneers in the cryptocurrency industry, the Golden Crypto team has been developing a P2E game for several months now. The team will be launching the game this coming April. The NFT marketplace is ready and available for anyone to purchase & trade hero NFTs before the game is released.
More details about the game will be released in the upcoming AMAs.
We have also created a separate whitepaper for the game.

NFT Marketplace

You can buy/sell heroes and items, open mystery boxes, or breed heroes to get a new hero.
Hero NFTs
Mystery Box
Hero Breeding

P2E NFT Game (April - May 2022)

Please take a look at our game play video here.