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Spending is an important part of the ecosystem because it enables the process of buying the GDOGE token. This positively affects the liquidity and price of the token making it more attractive for investors and holders.
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    Golden Crypto Shop The Golden Crypto Shop is designed to be a major spending area for users of the golden crypto ecosystem. You can buy items in the shop with several types of tokens - BNB, BUSD, etc. This makes it easier to access and purchase for everyone.
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    Golden Crypto Lottery The Golden Crypto Lottery tickets can only be purchased by using the GDOGE token. This increases the need to purchase our GDOGE token and it builds buying pressure that positively impacts the price. This provides the opportunity for users to spend more, making it a critical and important part of the SPEND system.
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    Play to Earn NFT Game When you begin to play the game and want to upgrade your heroes and weapons, you need to purchase gold and diamonds. These can be purchased with the GDOGE token.