Mushro Legends
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The Mushro Legends whitepaper introduces an innovative Play-to-Earn NFT RPG fantasy adventure game developed by GoldenBlockAnimationStudio.
This whitepaper provides an overview of the game, its development timeline, features, gameplay mechanics, the integration of NFTs, and the underlying technology stack.
It also highlights the in-game currency system and the associated NFT marketplace.

What is Play to Earn Game?

Play-to-earn games are games in which the main goal is to earn. The game’s progress revolves around getting profit. Games like this are usually built-in NFT or blockchain technology and produce currency that can be traded for fiat or other coins.
Here are some of the characteristics that set P2E apart from traditional gaming:
  • Asset Ownership: Players retain ownership over all of their digital assets, unlike traditional games where game developers control all in-game economics.
  • Digital Assets have real-world value: NFTs play a central role in P2E gaming. Gamers can mint new non-fungible tokens, customize them, sell or buy tokens on the open market, and exchange them for cryptocurrencies or fiat money.
  • Fair gameplay: Blockchain-based games are by nature decentralized and transparent, where all users have an equal say in game decisions and can help shape the future of the game.
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