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Everyone loves token burns. Token burns help increase the price of the token. It also helps our token become deflationary which is a benefit to the holders. As the supply of the token becomes less, holding tokens becomes more valuable, thus tremendously benefiting the holders and investors as time goes by.
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    Manual Burn The golden crypto team has manually burned more than 1% of the GDOGE token's total supply since it's inception. We have burned tokens multiple times through community and marketing events trailing back to the launch of our token from July 2021. You can see the proof available by clicking the link below and verifying the transactions on BscScan.
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    Golden Crypto Lottery The Golden Crypto Lottery burns GDOGE tokens on every drawing round. For example, 80% of the funds used in GDOGE to purchase the lottery ticket is distributed to the winners in GDOGE tokens and the remaining 20% of GDOGE used to purchase the ticket is burned. The lottery is a good mechanism that we use to burn tokens. The more lottery rounds, the more we will process token burns. Below is proof available to verify transactions on BscScan for our token burns.
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    Play to Earn NFT Game The Golden Crypto play to earn NFT game is still in progress and will be available very soon. There will be an automatic burn mechanism built into the game and the details will be released later as we approach its completion.