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We are proud to say that Golden Crypto has one of the best and strongest communities in all of Binance Smart Chain. There wouldn't be the Golden Crypto we know today without the incredibly strong support and love that comes from our community. Our community and following has grown tremendously. We quickly earned the love and support from our investors and community.
Thousands of members have joined our telegram group and social media pages. Many people all over the world want to be part of our ground breaking investment opportunity and our unique one of a kind positive community. We have created a movement within the crypto space that has gone beyond investing in a “meme token”.

Golden Doge official networks and community

  • English Official Channel - 34K members: (
  • China - 31K members: (
  • Korea - 3.6K members: (
  • Philippines (
  • Vietnam (
  • Brazil/Portugal (
  • Nigeria (
  • Russia (
  • Latino Community (
  • Japanese (