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Once you enter the Golden Crypto Ecosystem through the purchasing of the GDOGE token, you can start making profits through our EARN section of the ecosystem;
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    Golden Vault The Golden Vault is the main source of passive income for GDOGE token holders. It is filled by the accumulation of BNB that comes from the fees processed by the transactions on PancakeSwap. You can claim your reward every day as long as there are transactions on the Binance Smart Chain. In just the first 6 months, since the launching date (July 19th, 2021), the Golden Crypto team has rewarded more than 3 Million USD to its GDOGE token holders.
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    Golden Crypto Lottery Golden Crypto Lottery is a tool within the ecosystem where you can try your luck to win and make a good profit from your winnings. You can purchase the lottery tickets with the GDOGE token and get more GDOGE as a reward if you are a lucky winner!
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    Play to Earn NFT Game The Golden Crypto Team is working on the development of its own Play to Earn NFT game. As the name suggests, the game is a crucial part of the EARN mechanism within our system. You can earn by playing and completing the given tasks, fighting with other players in the arena, or selling your heroes as NFTs. Our Play to Earn NFT Game is already in progress and is expected to be released in March/April 2022.