What is The Golden Crypto Ecosystem

Golden Crypto is a DeFi ecosystem that revolutionizes the way we interface with crypto.
A token-based ecosystem is the alignment of a structure between a multilateral set of partners set for a defined period of time. Its goal is to shape relationships and pursue a common goal to create added value for all parties. All parties participate in a centrical value proposition, placing the token as the main asset to hold for value within the ecosystem.
A well-designed token ecosystem unlocks its value by bringing parties together in new innovative ways. This stimulates the targeted behavior needed by the community and it includes cryptographic tokens as built-in incentives to participate.
There are 4 major parts within the Golden Crypto ecosystem;
  • Purchase
  • Earn
  • Spend
  • Burn
Every new tool or future development, and added utility for Golden Crypto, will further develop and facilitate the use case and need for these four main components of our ecosystem. It will also gradually increase their use case and their need to function together to help grow the profitability of our company, the stake of its shareholders and the value of the equity held for our token holders and investors.
Golden Crypto Ecosystem