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CEX (Central Exchanges)

LBank Exchange

LBank Exchange, which its full name is Ledger Bank Exchange, was founded in 2015 and registered in the Virgin Islands. It is a high technology crypto asset trading platform around the world, that holds the NFA, MSB of U.S, MSB of Canada designations, and the Austrac of Australia crypto license, providing safe, professional and convenient crypto-asset exchange services. Including derivative services, currency quantification, currency interest generation and other business solutions for global users.
Fee Structure on LBank:
There will be an additional 10% charge that comes as a GDOGE trading fee separate from trading on LBank. Specifically, 5% of the fee will be allocated to the GDOGE marketing wallet and team, and the other 5% will be redistributed to the GDOGE token holders in LBank. This is all per the daily snapshot of GDOGE holdings for token holders, which is sent to users 1 day after the transaction date and snapshot.
The GoldenDoge/USDT pair was listed on LBank July 22, 2021. We rapidly listed 3 days after the official launch of the GDOGE token.

ZT Exchange

ZT Exchange launched on June 2018. ZT is a centralized exchange based in Hong Kong.
The GoldenDoge/USDT pair was listed on the ZT exchange July 23, 2021, which was the 4th day after the official launch of the GDOGE token.
No Fees are applied on behalf of GDOGE for trading the token on ZT.

The Next Exchanges We Are Targeting

  • MEXC