GoldenDoge Token
The GDOGE Token is the core of the Golden Doge Ecosystem and it is currently available in BEP20 format (a Binance token standard which allows users to deploy fungible tokens or cryptocurrencies on BSC).
GDOGE started as a meme coin. However, as the Golden Crypto team builds and develops more utilities, it will have more of a use case and will create more value for it's users and investors.
BEP-20 is a Binance Smart Chain token standard that extends Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. BEP-20 defines a framework and a set of rules that BSC-based tokens have to follow. BEP-20 is fully compatible with both ERC-20 and Binance Chain BEP-2 token standards.

What is the GDOGE (Golden Doge) Token

Golden Doge (GDOGE) is a community token that has a very unique feature called the "Golden Vault" which gets filled by the accumulation of BNB. The accumulation of BNB comes from the fees processed by the transactions made against the Pancakeswap LP of the token. Every GDOGE token holder will be able to claim their BNB from the golden vault every 24 hours. The amount is based on how much GDOGE tokens every token holder holds in their personal wallet such as their Metamask or Trustwallet.
(Note: If you keep your GDOGE token in a CEX like LBank, you will get a token reflection in GDOGE instead. This is all dependent on the token mechanism used by the exchange.)

Token Economics